Guild Charter

Guild Charter


The purpose of this charter is to establish guidelines and expectation for raiders and casual guild members of AGAINST ALL ODDS – Borean Tundra.


Main Focus

Our primary purpose is to be a serious raiding guild with a semi-casual schedule. We aim to achieve completion of pertinent content per tier with the intention of acquiring the raid gear to  quickly transition to the newest tier upon it’s release.


AGAINST ALL ODDS is a community of friends, and raiders who rely on one another to complete raid content effectively and efficiently. Supporting our guild through success and defeat we have become a true family of fellow gamers.
We ask little of our fellow guild members but that everyone treat one another with respect. As a rule we share in a carefree, fun and relaxed atmosphere allowing for joking and teasing within an atmosphere of respect–if not good taste–in guild chat and in Mumble discussions.


It is expected that all guild members contribute to the guild in some fashion. Contributions are equal whether you are tutoring other players, supplying materials, working on strategies, offering friendship, or telling great jokes when things become tense. If you are unsure of how you may help AGAINST ALL ODDS we ask that you approach an officer.



In order to succeed in progression raiding, every raider has the following responsibilities.


But for the reasons of illness, emergency, and special occasions, we consider raid attendance mandatory.

Punctuality and Preparation

There is an expectation that you are at the instance with pots, flasks, repairs, talents, glyphs, and Mumble prior to raid.


      1. Effective raiding involves participation in more than just boss fights. This means all raiders are expected to be present during trash pulls, run back after a wipe, and be logged in to mumble. This is not optional.
      2. AFKs slow the raid but are sometimes necessary. Under normal circumstances you are required to notify an officer of the need and receive a response.

Tasks and Direction

      1. Should you be required to do a task it is with the expectation that there will be no argument or commentary. If you volunteer for a special duty you are to continue to do that duty until told otherwise. (See Communication for suggestion on how to approach situations with alternate suggestions or requests.)


      1. Gear to raid; not raid to gear.
        Recognize that the goal is to raise the gear level of ALL RAIDERS and not just a few.
      2. Loot will be handled through Master Looter for ease of distribution and minimum downtime between bosses.  There will be a short window to express interest when you are presented with the roll window, then it will be distributed by need or just high roll.  (See SETHIC for exceptions.)

Knowledge and Strategy

    1. All raiders should be proactive in preparing for fights. One should know all updates regarding their class specs and changes with raid instances. (See MMO-Champions for updates on Patches and Hotfixes:
    2. Should one need help improving their performance AGAINST ALL ODDS officers can direct you to guild members who can give assistance. The assumption will be that you will do your own homework to find ways beyond the guild to better your capability.
    3. Presume that the strategy being instructed DURING RAID is the strategy that stands. (See Communication for suggestions on how to approach situations with alternate suggestions or requests.)

Raid Communication

All raid communication is done on mumble and it is anticipated that all raiders will be in mumble to receive instructions.

Recommendations and Suggestions

    1. Should their be a suggestion to improve the outcome during a raid fight the way to approach the issue is to message (within the game) an officer or raid leader.
    2. Under no circumstances should a raider speak over an officer while they are trying to instruct others on Mumble. This will be met with a bitch slap. If you rage quit after that a raid leader (DARKMOURNE) will give you the chance to complain to someone who cares. (It won’t be him though.)
    3. It is best to approach the raid leaders BEFORE or AFTER raid for any questions, comments, complaints, clarifications or suggestions.


As a raiding member of this guild, there is confidence that you have accepted all contents of this charter. The consequences of negligence or failure are as below.

Sitting for a Fight

If a raiders performance does not meet the needs of an encounter, they may be asked to sit out for another player.  This does not necessarily equal to a loss of raiding privileges or a road to removal from the g, but may be a reflection of needs for the fight.  If you are asked to fight, it expected that you’ll stay through raid to participate if you are needed to come back in.

Communication from Raid Leader

If a raider is not performing to expectations set forth in this charter, a request to meet outside of raid time with an officer to discuss opportunities for improvement will be made.

Temporary Suspension

Should an issue continue after meeting with a Raid Leader a temporary suspension of raid duties will be in effect.

Extended Suspension

After speaking with a Raid Leader and incurring a temporary suspension without improvement, the raider will be dropped from raiding for at least one week.

Loss of Raid Position:

Chronic failure to abide to the charter will lead to losing the raid position held for an extended period while the raider will have time to optimize their raid conduct.

To re-establish former standing and raiding spot:

    • The expectation that improvements toward meeting guild raiding benchmarks have occurred.
    • A raider must make a request to a Raid Leader to consider them for a raid spot to show development.
    • If revocation of raid spot was due to excessive AFK, attendance issues, or behaviour related issues the raider must show a significant improvement to an officer.

Loss of Guild Membership (AKA: You’re kicked!):

This is a last resort to irresolution of a valid chronic raid dilemma. The former guild member will be contacted by the Guild Officer who has expelled them.

Note to All Raiders: All raiders deserve the courtesy of direct communication before any action is taken. Do not confuse attempts to streamline the efficiency of raid as a personal member.

Remember we function as a group and are only as capable as our weakest link.



    • There will be no hate speech, or threats. This includes gross humiliation including any of these:
      • sexism
      • racism
      • nationalism
      • religious practice
      • gender preference

While joking can/may occur amongst friends, malicious intent or objective contempt will be greeted with a firm g-kick to the fanfare and applause from those in the guild who think you are a tool.


    • All complaints between parties that are incapable of settling their own issues in an adult manner should approach a Dispute Resolution Officer for help. Contact the Guild Leader should the complaint be against an officer. Contact nine-one-one if your tears start a river that devours kittens and puppies–we need to ensure that furries are safe.


Guild Leader      Mandarb

Recruitment, inviting, warning of violations of conduct, etc.








Raid Leaders:

Responsible for organizing strategy, managing groups and communicating fights with raiders.  

Mandarb – Raid Officer who will end raid if you piss him off.

Darkmourne – Raid Officer who doesn’t care about your whining.

Prient – Raid Officer who wants you to unf@ck yourself.

Sethic – Raid Officer who receives all unclaimed loot.

Dispute Resolution:

Communicate with people about personal raid and guild status, mediate disputes between guild members and make sure all expectations are met and actions communicated.